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Our Process

Work Process


Of Creative

Initial Consultation

Discuss your business goals, audience, challenges and online vision in a no-obligation call or meeting. Allow us to learn more about your needs.

Proposal and Quote

We'll analyze insights uncovered and provide a custom proposal outlining solutions along with service pricing.


Upon moving forward, we schedule a kickoff meeting to dive deeper into objectives, priorities, expectations, budget and all project details.


Our team will handle requirements gathering, research, planning and scoping to craft an effective high level strategy.


With strategy aligned, we build out platforms, execute campaigns, generate assets and content, drive initiatives and pull additional resources as needed per the timeline.


Platforms implemented will be managed on an ongoing basis - including monitoring, optimization, iteration, expansion and enhancement.


You receive regular reports demonstrating progress against benchmarks based on the KPIs established aligned to your targets.

Completion or Renewal

As milestones are met, we transition the engagement to completion per the original agreement. Alternatively, as the contract nears conclusion, we conduct a review to determine renewal options based on progress made and planning future priorities. This feeds into a proposal for an updated or expanded engagement plan if desired.


Experience Results Through Our Proven Process

We don’t just make promises – our strategic process delivers real outcomes. Each stage centers around understanding your business to inform plans calibrated for your situation and industry.

Discuss Your Needs in a Free Digital Consultation

While every client is unique, our commitment to fueling result through collaboration, transparency and trust remains steadfast. See how our tailored digital solutions can amplify your success.

Contact us today to start our proven process focused on advancing your vision.




01. Customer Satisfaction

Your ultimate satisfaction is our North Star guiding all engagements. We customize support and responsiveness to match needs, as an extension of your team. While hitting project milestones matters, long-term win-win relationships eclipse short-term gains.

02. Partner Approach

We view clients as true partners, not just accounts. Understanding your goals fuels solutions uniquely tailored to move your business forward. Maintaining open communication and transparency builds trust to take our collaboration to deeper levels.

03. Lean Methodology

We leverage agile frameworks staying nimble to adjust initiatives based on performance data and customer feedback. This fail-fast ideology allows us to rapidly prototype, test, refine and scale marketing activities for optimal ROI.

04. Innovation

Complacency kills success. We foster a startup ethos internally pushing teams to continuously learn, experiment with emerging tactics and evolve offerings. Building future-proof digital solutions for clients motivates us to consistently upskill and integrate cutting-edge technologies into methodologies before they become mainstream. While results come from flawless execution of fundamentals, we inject innovation into engagements to provide that competitive edge. Our digital playground allows us to sharpen new skills and amplify outcomes.

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Static Venture Media

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